Springdale Schools video on Related Services

I've gotten so many compliments on this video but honestly it's because Jayden is so stinking cute. It was a much more pleasant experience making this than i anticipated. Trent Jones and his crew are very professional. They let me ramble on and on for an hour then edited it down to 30 seconds so it makes me look much smarter than I am. it was nice of the district to put a spotlight on my department and a couple of our amazing kids. 

Spring Break 2017

Months ago Jenna had the idea to stay in a yurt at Petite Jean. We booked it so far in advance we really weren't counting down the days until it got here. There's something about camping that brings you together. I don't know if its the outdoors, being unplugged from our plugged in lives, or that you are just trapped together. I doubt it will be the same when they are teenagers but I pray it will be.  Gallery below.

Does Uber Have Bike Racks?

8 miles into a 20 mile ride and rain with tornado watch hits. Forecast when we left said we had 4 hours before it hit. Sigh. To be a weatherman. That would be the life. Not right now because I want to strangle him   Any other day though. Not all bad though because we just happened to be beside Mellow Mushroom. Looks like we have a break in the weather in 3 hours. #gonnabeabigtab


Christmas 2016

I almost titled it "An Embarrassment of Riches." Christmas was a mixed bag this year. We got a good solid 19 day break from school, including a week before Christmas. So we got plenty of time to just hang out as a core group. Then we traveled for the south Arkansas tour. It felt rushed like it always does but it was still almost a week from home. We had nice visits with everyone. Jared and his girls were only in town for one day so we didn't get much time with them. Holly and the AZ crew weren't able to make it at all this year so that was a bummer too. It was also our first Christmas without toys, which Jenna celebrated but kind of struck me with melancholy. Happy holidays to everyone. I sincerely hope it was filled with love and joy. 

Kitchen Hacks

So this just happened. I was cutting up apples. Cam came running in, "Dad you're doing it wrong! I saw a kitchen hack that says to slice them in a tic tac toe pattern and its faster and easier. She even timed it to prove it."

She was right. It is easier and faster. When did 6 year olds become experts at kitchen hacks? 

Chili Pepper 2016

A few weeks ago Noah and Campbell participated in a walk-a-thon at their school. They both took it seriously but Noah and his buddies took it super seriously. Instead of walking they ran to get the most laps possible. Noah was able to knock out 16 laps, 4 miles, in the allotted 35 minutes. Campbell did 11 laps or almost 3 miles!

Of course, he was stoked because so many parents were asking him if he ran much. The truth is Noah doesn't run much but between swimming and simply playing I can't imagine many kids being in better shape cardiovascular wise. One parent, in particular, asked him if he was going to run cross country...and of course he had no idea what cross country was.

So after a Google search, he both knew what cross country was and that a huge cross country race was coming to town in 2 weeks. He has been dead set that he wants to do a triathlon and dad dropped the ball and missed signing him up for the Bentonville MS Trifest last month. Dad was not going to fail again. 

So I signed him up and since it would be his first race and needed someone to do it with him, I went ahead and signed up for it as well. Wait! Did I say I signed up for it? I totally meant, I signed Jenna up for it as well. Phew!

He was really nervous. Mamaw and Papaw were here and Papaw gave him a lot of advice about running his race and ignoring the pace of others. The plan was Jenna was going to pace him at 9-minute miles for the first 2 miles and then let him just run as hard as he could the last mile. 

Well, the gun went off and he left her. He didn't full sprint out but he wasn't jogging with his momma either. At the first viewing area he came through looking strong and he was easily 2 minutes ahead of Jenna. At the second viewing he was so far ahead of her I didn't think we'd see her before he got to the finish so I booked it over there to see him finish in 23.56!!! The boy ran 7 1/2 minute miles on average! I'm not sure who was more proud, us or him. Truth be told it may have been his sister. She can't wait to run next year. 


Buffalo River September 2014

I'm enjoying the new Memories section of Photos in iOS 10. This popped up as 2 years ago today and it made a video. I tweaked it for 2 minutes and BAM. 

I thought I'd share it here since it was so easy but if you are interested here is the link to the original trip. 



Quick getaway

We have been on the lake more this year than any I can remember. We headed to Stillwater Resort on Tablerock a couple weekends back thanks to Jenna's keen eye on Groupon. It was a great recharge as a family as the beginning of the school year feels like we are being pulled in 4 directions simultaneously. Kayaks, paddle boards, pools, and hot tubs were nice but the jet skis stole the weekend for fun.