First Swim Meet Together

Campbell had her first real swim meet this weekend in Springfield. It’s nice to have the kids swimming in the same meets and the same sessions. I’m not sure what will happen when Noah turns 13 and they are swimming at different times of the day. Pretty sure Jenna’s head will explode. it was a good weekend with good people. Quick and exhausting but good. 


Johnson Weekend 2017

Nice laid back weekend at Annie and Pops with the Johnson's and their girls. Swimming, Fishing, and Baseball. It was basically a beer commercial.

Greenway Shenanigans

It boggles my mind remembering how people fought the building of the Greenway. Articles used to be about the cost per square mile and now they all talk about the revenue generated per square mile. Without it day's like this wouldn't have been possible. 


Cam Gets Her Ears Pierced

So this happened...

Noah's 11th Birthday and Downtown Obstacle Race

As always, Noah's birthday party was delayed due to the end of the school year crush. This year though we had a definite end goals. The Jones Center was having a kid's obstacle race the first weekend in June and Noah circled the date. He invited some buddies over for a sleepover and the next morning they would race. Friday night, we took them swimming. We celebrated low key on his actual birthday. He wanted cheesecake for both and we happily obliged. 

Campbell also wanted to race so she invited a friend to spend the night (with the dual purpose of keeping her occupied from her brother) and they raced also. The morning of the race came and they went off in waves by age. Campbell's race was a half mile. She came through the first few obstacles in the middle of the pack. At the midway point though there was one boy in front of her. At the end, though she was in the lead. The final obstacle was a slip and slide down the hill. She sat down and started scooting and I had a flash she was going to lose first place by not just sliding. Luckily the other 7 year olds didn't know what they were doing either. So first place for the baby girl. The best part of the video is the finish line volunteers cheering on that a girl was going to win! You'll have to excuse the end where Oliver finds a bone in the video :) 

Noah is such a competitor. He walked the course 3 times when we first got there. He kept asking me if they were doing the route twice since it was twice as long as the 9 and under route. After the 75th time of me saying I didn't know, he asked somebody 5 minutes before his race. Of course they told him the second half of his race was on the other side of the Jones Center. He went pale because he hadn't scouted those obstacles. He was panicked but it didn't show. He won his age group and he wasn't messing around with his slip and slide finish. I kept it running to see the gap to second place. 

Another Aquahawg

Last summer Campbell made it to the last level of HawgStart but didn't graduate in time to be invited to join the Aquahawgs before the summer league season. This year, she blew through it and now she's officially on the swim team with her big brother. I have never seen her as excited or nervous as she was before the last session when she'd find out if she made it. So this summer she will swim with the Rookie Hawgs in the NWA summer league while Noah swims long course with the Jr. Hawgs. I'd say no one could be more proud of her, but she's awfully proud of herself. 

Springdale Schools video on Related Services

I've gotten so many compliments on this video but honestly it's because Jayden is so stinking cute. It was a much more pleasant experience making this than i anticipated. Trent Jones and his crew are very professional. They let me ramble on and on for an hour then edited it down to 30 seconds so it makes me look much smarter than I am. it was nice of the district to put a spotlight on my department and a couple of our amazing kids. 

Easter 2017

For Easter this year we went to Little Rock to spend time with the Johnsons. For Christmas, Jenna had bought Ann and Campbell tickets to Riverdance and this was the weekend of the show. We thought we would parlay it into an opportunity to visit our old pastor in his new digs in downtown Little Rock for Easter Sunday. We were able to cram a lot into a weekend. Jenna and I went on a bike ride with a date night, the kids got some fishing in, the ballet, I was able to take Noah to Pinnacle Mountain and climb the hard side (I swear it wasn't that hard 25 years ago) Easter eggs, and finally the kids got to see the Big Dam Bridge after a year or two giggling at it's name. Solid weekend. 

Spring Break 2017

Months ago Jenna had the idea to stay in a yurt at Petite Jean. We booked it so far in advance we really weren't counting down the days until it got here. There's something about camping that brings you together. I don't know if its the outdoors, being unplugged from our plugged in lives, or that you are just trapped together. I doubt it will be the same when they are teenagers but I pray it will be.  Gallery below.