Campbell Christine celebrated her fifth birthday with a Fancy Soiree on a rainy day in November.  Her fancy ensemble include ballet slippers tied to the knee, zebra striped tutu accented with pink trim and a crown pin given by Aunt Sarah, and a hot pink leotard emblazoned in silver glitter with Fancy Campbell.  Her hair was lovely curled tight by her mother and adorned with colored butterflies and a tiara.  Her ensemble was decorated by shiny, family costume jewelry.  Tres belle!


Campbell’s fancy entourage arrived and were greeted by handsome, well dressed butlers.  One butler took her coat while the other placed a paper flower corsage on her wrist. (Corsages courtesy of mom and Annie). As the girls entered, they were announced and walked into the soiree through velvet rope.  Guests were then adorned with borrowed fancy jewels and picked out other lovely accessories to complete their own ensembles.  


The fancy fashion show commenced.   The girls walked the runway to tunes included in selections from Kids Bop iTunes radio.  They balanced bananas on their heads to learn the art of runway walking. Within moments, all were superior and walked the catwalk many times.  


After the fashion show, the girls enjoyed peanut butter and jelly swirls, sugared strawberries, and grapes.  Campbell blew out her five curly Q birthday candles atop a birthday parfait with sprinkles and a cherry.  She opened gifts including Elsa pajamas, jewelry, books, and fancy make-up.  Fun was had by all!  


Joyeux Anniversaire!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!!